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 Monster Business

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Uprising Star
Uprising Star

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PostSubject: Re: Monster Business   Wed Oct 31, 2012 10:31 pm

As the two late ones take their seats as well, the platforms beneath each seat give way and they all drop down their individual shafts, landing in contained rooms with their uniforms hanging up and a shelf to put their civilian clothing. Sven takes note and quickly begins to change into that outfit, leaving his own clothing on the shelf before pressing a button and the room opens from around him, revealing his position to be within a large hangar. The rooms around him all open up with each other member emerging in their uniforms with their weapons ready.

Lining the walls are a number of combat-ready vehicles and high-end arsenals. However, where the lot of them all turn out is around a large platform on the floor, projecting a mystifying light. Allison stands upon it first. Then the rest of the seasoned members of the Alpha Division stand upon it, followed by the newbies.

Allison: (Looks over her shoulder at the other members behind her) Zeta Division, we're in position.

Verity: (Talks into the mic as she sits at her console) Roger That! Tele-Transporter warming up! Coordinates confirmed. 30 seconds til relocation!

Sven: Wait, Relocation? This stand is going to get us there?!
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Admin-Tech Head
Admin-Tech Head

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PostSubject: Re: Monster Business   Sat Nov 03, 2012 9:13 pm

Lias: Whoa Uniforms! Vehicles too! this was soo worth the interrupted sleep!

Lias couldn't help himself and was fully energetic and hyped up for the job. Especially being able to be a part of the 'Big' League. He began doing whatever warm-up exercise routine he could within the confine space of his hangar.

Yarissa: Oh boy.. He resembles a kid being taken to the best amusement park in the world for the first time

She held her forehead with her left hand shaking her head at Lias' reaction. Then made sure she was fully suited up and ready for the departure. She wasn't sure what to expect but she knew it was bound to be quite the first time experience. She looked over to Frax who was surely ready as always and gave him a smile and a thumbs up.

Frax caught Yarissa's eye and gave her a thumbs up as well smiling back.

Frax: I would never have imagined I'd be working with a team such as this. It's far greater than I had ever dreamed.

Predecessor of the Shadows
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Monster Business

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