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 ~<*_*>Coding for Everyone!<*_*>~ (Members Check this out)

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Fluent Mind
Fluent Mind

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PostSubject: ~<*_*>Coding for Everyone!<*_*>~ (Members Check this out)   Fri Jul 13, 2012 12:30 am

I shall post generic coding here. I.E The code , and you fill it in with what you want. Feel free to just Copy and paste the code in the gray bar and type whatever you want in between the code.

Increasing Font Size:
[size=15]Type Here[/size]
Result:Type Here
Note: You can change the size of the font by changing the number 15 to any other number you like. (Max size for this is 24... I think experiment and see X3)

Bolding Text:
[b]Type Here[/b]
Result:Type Here

Italicized Text:
[i]Type Here[/i]
Result:Type Here

Underline Text:
[u]Type Here[/u]
Result:Type Here

Strike Through Text:
[strike]Type Here[/strike]
Result:Type Here

Left align:
[left]Type Here[/left]
Type Here

Right align:
[right]Type Here[/right]
Type Here

[center]Type Here[/center]
Type Here

[justify]Type Here[/justify]
Type Here

If you want your text to scroll type:[ scroll ] words [/scroll]
**Remove spaces from any spaces from the word and the bracket.**

[scroll]Type Here[/scroll]

So it should look like this:words

If you want the words to go in a updown fashion you type : [ updown ] words [/updown]

[updown]Type Here[/updown]

Here is your example: example

If you want the text to scroll diagonally upward type [ updown ][ scroll ] words [/updown][/scroll]

[updown][scroll]Type Here [/updown][/scroll]

Result : words

Now if you want to flip text. Type either[ flipv] for vertical or [fliph ] for horizontal.

[flipv]Type Here[/flip]
[fliph]Type Here[/flip]

Result for vertical : Ello guy 
Result for horizontal: Ello guy 

If you want to blurr something then do this : [ blur ] BLURRRRRRR [/blur]

[blur]Type Here[/blur]


If you want the sentence to seemingly fade into the background then use this code: [ fade ] Look Mah no hands! [/fade]

[fade]Type Here[/fade]

The result then looks like this : Look mah no hands!

If you want to have hidden text for your own benefit as like a list of moves you have used , or current effects. Use : [ hide ] NINJA [/hide] (Beware Admins can see hidden text regardless.)

[hide]Type Here[/hide]

Example : (Yes you won't see it . But trust me it works.)

Now if you are in general chat , and are about to spoil all over the floor. Use this code : [ spoiler] ZOMG ETC. [/spoiler]

[spoiler]Type Here[/spoiler]

Result :
Now you can click 'Spoiler' and get spoiled... Hehe

now add this code to add a permanent break between lines of text: hi [ hr ] oh hey !

Type Here[hr]Type Here
Note: You can keep on breaking lines of text by adding [hr ] between text.

Result: Hi!
Oh hey!

If you would like, I can customize your names to something like this or better!

The King of Hearts

Drop me a PM ( A.K.A private message me , email or however I know you) and i shall do it for you because i love coding and i am nice ;D okay ? SO ta ta for now!

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~<*_*>Coding for Everyone!<*_*>~ (Members Check this out)

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